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Convertible Boat Tops

If you are looking for a new way to add some classy protection from the sun to your boat then you will love what the latest convertible boat tops have to offer. These options provide a great degree more flexibility in the amount of shade that you get to enjoy throughout the day because they can easily be adjusted and repositioned to provide varying angles of protection. And the best part is that is that you can completely fold them down flat which allows you to get full sun exposure for some nice tanning opportunities whenever you wish.

Plus, these boat accessories are super simple to use, usually just requiring the adjustment of a few snaps or fasteners to secure it in place. You can also find those with a simple crank system that allows you to achieve just the right angle with ease.

These boat tops feature several different types of canopies that you can choose from that also includes the ability to choose from a number of different colors that allow you to easily stylize your boat. These canopies are made from durable materials that have a high resistance to weathering so they will maintain their original brilliance for quite some time.

In addition, the newest models of these convertible tops are even more sturdy than before because they now feature new and improved brackets and braces, so you can look forward to an even greater degree of security.

It will also help if you look for convertible tops that are designed for your specific type of boat to insure a proper fit.

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